Rebuilding a Road

by kalbzayn on August 17, 2007

There are a few road construction projects that I am absolutely sick of.

There is one major road south of our house that intersects another big major road. They are working on widening the intersection, adding new electrical and plumbing under the road and eating lots of snacks.

On the toll road, they are working on converting the old crappy tolls into the really neat, nifty open road toll booths where if you have the magic pay box you can drive through at full speed. There are two that I hit whenever I go into the city or to a lot of the clients that I work for.

I’m an anxiously looking forward to the completion of each of these projects.

So why am I so grumpy.

Each of those three construction projects has been underway nonstop for over two years. TWO YEARS. I think I could have taught myself how to poor concrete and built the roads in TWO YEARS.

And I’m not talking about little pieces being under construction. I’m talking about heart breaking, traffic jam causing construction. I’m talking about construction where it is impossible to even think about speeding…and that includes the lowered construction speed limits.

Any road construction project that takes two years to finish pretty much negates the traffic improvements that the completed road will bring.


Bonnie August 17, 2007 at 8:36 pm

I feel your pain, Mike. The main road in my neighbourhood has also been on a never-ending rebuilding plan: they are working on a 2-mile stretch, section by section. Too bad this road is home to three schools, tons of nice houses and many bus stops. I wonder what I’ll do with all that extra time once the construction is done. In 2010. ;)

kalbzayn August 17, 2007 at 8:39 pm

The city road I was talking about is quite a bit longer than 2 miles, but the end date for the entire road upgrade is 2020. No that is not a typo.

We should start riding bikes everywhere or move somewhere with less traffic like the moon.

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