Quit Helping Me Help Myself

by kalbzayn on August 19, 2007

I am tired of laws that are designed to help me protect myself from myself.

If I want to turn left on most intersections and the light is green, I should be able to decide if I have the room and make the turn. We have red left arrows everywhere. They can add 10 minutes to a trip across town without even sweating too hard.

Another one that I’m starting to get tired of is substance abuse type of laws. Stuff like arresting people for drunk driving or smoking marijuana in their garage. I’m not saying people should drive drunk or smoke pot while watching their kids. I’m just saying that I think that their are already plenty of laws already in place to protect us when people decide to do those things and cause an accident or other bad consequence.

For the record, I extremely rarely drink these days. I have also never used marijuana or any other more recreational drug nor do I have any desire too. I’m a pretty boring guy. I just don’t really get why it is illegal to use them.

Until we all agree to stop talking on the cell phone and stop eating tacos and stop applying makeup and stop spending half our attention changing the car radio all while driving in traffic, I don’t consider any of us safe drivers.

I don’t really want any special laws about how there is no driving if you have more than two tacos on your lap either. A simple you caused an accident here is your punishment for causing an accident is fine with me.

I don’t need laws that require all of our computers including our monitors to have DRM features in case we are pirating information. A simple, you pirated, here is your punishment will suffice.

Think of all the free time cops would have if they actually spent their time punishing people causing harm rather than chasing people who are doing things that might cause them to cause harm.

Think of all the free time the legal system would have if they only had to deal with the people actually causing harm to society.

Think of how much money we would spend by not having all of those people in the prisons and jails throughout the country.

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