Fixing things around the house

by kalbzayn on August 26, 2007

What a strange last few weeks it has been.

The ceiling in our bedroom started showing a little bit of water from the attic. I crawled around in the attic and found that the dryer vent going up through the roof must have some kind of a leak. And we have had nearly 15″ of rain this month. All things considered the leak is pretty small. A friend of my dad’s has a huge ladder, so he brought it over, climbed up, calked the vent and everything should be good. Just in case, I put a bucket in the attic to catch any water that might make it through.

While he was up there, I had him reattach a drain spout that went from the second floor roof to the first floor roof. The bottom was loose and it would bang around in the wind.

Total cost to fix both problems. About $10.

There is another leak on our patio door on the main floor of the house. Since we have a walk out basement, the patio feels like a second floor patio on the outside. Water was leaking through the bottom of the door, spilling over into the inside of the house and running straight down the wall to the window in the computer room of the basement. A lot of it during the nearly 10″ of rain over the last few days. My dad and I are going to pull the door out early next week and put a new weather strip along the bottom. That will probably cost another $10 or so and should reseal the door.

I was worried that we needed to do a bunch of repairs to both of our cars. It looks like we just need oil changes in both. New front tires on mine and maybe brakes and new brakes on my wife’s car. That will be more than $10 but less than we originally expected.

One of the clips that attaches the top shelf of the dishwasher to the rolling wheel broke a couple weeks ago. We ordered a new clip and I managed to get it put on correctly. Total cost $15 including shipping.

The dryer decided it didn’t want to dry clothes any more a couple days ago. It was perfectly happy spinning, it just didn’t want to actually dry anything. I cleaned out the opening on the outside of the house really well but other than waking up a giant spider living near the opening of the vent it didn’t do anything. Then I cleaned out the hole where the lint trap goes in the front of the dryer. Over the last two years it had accumulated quite a bit of lint. Now the dryer dries again. Total cost $0.

Our front door had been pulled by a couple four year olds enough that it started getting very difficult to lock. One screwdriver and five minutes later, everything was back as good as used. Total cost $0.

I love when projects that sound like they could cost a fortune end up costing just a handful of dollars. I just wish they wouldn’t all attack my house at the same time while we are trying to save money for when my wife is not earning any income for 6-8 weeks after the baby is born.

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