Reporting the News

by kalbzayn on August 29, 2007

So Brad Pitt is talking sense again. At least trying to. He wants a nice eco clean world and his kind of annoyed at how hard it is to convince everybody.

One thing I like about Brad Pitt is that almost anytime you hear about him doing anything he is trying to help poor people somewhere.

You never hear about him drunk and yelling at cops or entering rehab.

He’s too busy hanging around poor people trying to make their lives better and adopting their babies.

Mike Celizic from the shows up to see what Brad is up to in New Orleans.

Brad starts complaining about energy bills and bad engineering and solar panels. He talked about Hurricane Katrina and toxic chemicals.

Poor Mike must have gotten flustered. Check out this line:

On Wednesday, Pitt, dressed in T-shirt, work pants and a tweed, snap-brim hat, had talked about how the devastation visited on the Big Easy was not nature’s doing.

That is just uncomfortably out of place with what else was going on in the article.

Mike, I know they tell you that when you are nervous while speaking in public or interviewing famous people to picture them in their underwear. But you really shouldn’t do it while interviewing Brad Pitt.


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