Lame Sayings

by kalbzayn on September 11, 2007

I just had a thought while watching Prison Break.

Writers spend a lot of time building tension and chaos.

Then out comes the “We’ve been through so much and have lost so much already.  We can’t afford to lose each other.”

What would it take to not make that sound incredibly lame and stupid.

That’s right.  It is completely impossible to not sound lame and stupid no matter what the circumstances.  It is always lame and stupid.  Even in what may be the greatest TV series of all time.

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Bonnie September 12, 2007 at 3:38 pm

There are no new ideas, only new combinations of old ones. So scriptwriters should try lines like this:

“We’ve been through so much and have lost so much already. Dude, where’s my car?”

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