Cool Spots In Cool Books

by kalbzayn on October 11, 2007

I’m reading a few different books right now. I pretty much keep a different one on each level of the house so I don’t end up walking around as much when I forget to grab a book. How’s that for lazy?

So, I’ve dog-eared a couple spots of the books as things that I thought were pretty neat little passages and figured I should share them with you.

First, I’m reading Rise of Endymion. It is the last book in the Hyperion series by Dan Simmons. Great stuff and highly recommended. One of the main characters in the last book has spent some of her childhood traveling through time. When she enters the series she is no longer time hopping. The time traveling isn’t really something that she can do and control. It is more like her person time line is just different then everyone elses because she has been pulled through time differently.

Anyway, her and another main character need to split up. That other character has been charged with protecting her so he is not too happy about it. Since he knows that she has been to the future, he asks when they will meet again. They have this dialogue (I’m removing out some of the lines and just keeping what I want):

“You see the future. When are we going to see each other again?”

“I don’t see the future. I remember parts of it.”

“What’s the difference?”

(She gets the main character to talk about a birthday party that happened a few months back. He says it was in April or May. She asks about what one of the people wore to the party.)

“Shit…I don’t know. His gray wool suit. Yeah, I remember him standing by the piano in it. That gray suit with the big buttons.”

“Bet’s birthday party was in mid-March. Mr. Wright didn’t come because he had a cold.”


“So, I remember bits of the future. I’m afraid to trust those memories. If I say we will see each other again, it may be like Mr. Wright’s gray suit.”

Isn’t that cool? Just because somebody has been to the future doesn’t mean they know what is going to happen. How often do you have trouble remember what you saw the last time you went to the movie or who was sick from work on Tuesday? Can mis-remembering details about the future end up making somebody screw up doing the things in the present? Man, that space-time continuum is touchy.

I’m also reading 1984. I just read a spot where the main character is talking after having sex with Julia. She’s talking about breaking the rules and sneaking around behind the government. Winston has a moment where he is trying to reconcile this woman who is perfectly willing to break the rules but doesn’t seem to have any interest in fighting the government to make change happen.

Any kind of organized revolt against the Party, which was bound to be a failure struck her as stupid. The clever thing was to break the rules and stay alive all the same. He wondered vaguely how many others like her there might be in the younger generation-people who had grown up in the world of the Revolution, knowing nothing else, accepting the Party as something unalterable, like the sky, not rebelling against its authority but simply evading it, as a rabbit dodges a dog.

That passage is very interesting to me. Especially with all the tasering that cops are doing these days and the recent incident of the cop suing the family because she slipped in water when responding to a 911 call because the 1 year old girl had fallen into the pool. And don’t get me started on the nut job judge that sued the laundry for ruining his pants and tried to get millions and dragged the case through the courts for a couple years before the courts decided it was frivolous enough to throw out.

I complain about lots of stuff. Everybody I know complains about a lot of stuff. But very few people do anything to try to change that stuff. And apparently the young angry idealists are not even bothering to try to change the government anymore.


Leopold October 14, 2007 at 9:32 am

WHAT?!?!? No Bad Attitude?!?! I’m disappointed!

kalbzayn October 14, 2007 at 11:19 am

If only I had a hardcopy of Bad Attitude. Actually, I was reading Bad Attitude (the PDF version) on the computer just on Friday. I’m about 1/3 of the way through. A review will be coming as soon as I get the time to read the rest.

Leopold October 14, 2007 at 11:22 pm

Hey, I OFFERED you a hardcopy!

(didn’t I? But you turned it down. Right? Maybe I’m making this up. I’m foncused now…)

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