Taking the story over the top

by kalbzayn on October 18, 2007

I actually wrote a full page and a half of real story today. It was the first bullet point that I mentioned in my last post talking about how I am sketching out the scenes in the story.

After a few minutes staring at a blank page, I realized that I had no idea what tone I wanted to write the story in. No matter what, the story will have a little bit of a dark edge to it but I didn’t really have any stronger vibe than that of what tone to write in.

It will definitely be told in 3rd person with the narrator shifting from focusing on whoever the major character is for the given scene.

I spent a few minutes trying to see if I could flesh out any of the midstory scenes but had no success. I really kind of want to keep from getting too boxed in so that hopefully a lot of spontaneous strange stuff can happen to complicate the main characters lives during their main quests.

Since the story should have a fair amount of piratey action, I decided that I should just try to go over the top and making everything big and bold and crazy. Something like the feel of Army of Darkness maybe. I’m kind of hoping that going a little crazy with the early plot will open up some unexpected and much needed complications that will tie in with the cool ending that I want.

So with that decided, I went ahead and wrote a page and a half of this scene:

  • Approaches fancy pirate ship in rowboat w/ agitated monkey (point out that they have not been together long)

I’m about to send the pirate and monkey up onto the pirate ship (the next bullet point) and hopefully things will start getting pretty bizarre when they get up there.

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