Upcoming Opportunities For Writers?

by kalbzayn on October 20, 2007

Check this out. Apparently the TV and movie writers are thinking about going on strike mainly because they want more money from DVD sales residuals.

I have a couple questions.

I have no idea what kind of money these people actually make, but if they go on strike and nobody cares, where else can they go to earn the same kind of money?

The reason that first question seems important to me is because with all of the crappy dramas/sitcoms and crappy reality TV (not necessarily mutually exclusive) would anybody even notice if some writing scabs crossed the picket lines and picked up the plots? Or maybe the networks wouldn’t even bother getting scabs and would just go straight to game shows and even more reality TV.

As for movies, I don’t believe most movies have real writers anyway. They just cut and paste from one of the 5 stock movie plots and change the characters’ names.

Anyway, all of you non-TV and non-movie writers might have a big break coming up soon. Either you can cross the picket line and volunteer your services or you can finally get your unpublished books published since with the impending demise of TV, people are going to need something to do with their free time.

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