News Fit For Fiction

by kalbzayn on March 13, 2008

I have managed to read two news items recently that are just begging to be the focal point of stories you are going to write.

First, a guy calls the police because he is worried about his girlfriend isn’t doing well in the bathroom…after two years. Her legs had actually fused to the toilet seat. Crazy. Speaking of crazy, she apparently has some emotional problems that made her unwilling to leave the bathroom but the boyfriend who let her stay in the bathroom for all that time without doing anything about it probably has his own issues to sort through.

Second, a couple of older ladies (62 and 63) were stopped at the Munich airport by the authorities after their bags were scanned. The women were traveling from Brazil to Italy. The contents of the bag in question were a human skull and some bones that belonged to one of the lady’s brother. He died in Brazil 11 years ago and had wanted to be buried back home in Italy. Here is the part that I find even slightly more interesting than that. The woman showed the “appropriate papers from Brazilian authorities” and were allowed to continue on their trip, bones and all. I didn’t know that there were “appropriate papers” that would allow you to fly with your siblings bones in your luggage.

There you go. Story ideas for you fresh from the news.

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Bonnie March 18, 2008 at 2:17 pm

Obviously the couple in the first story lived somewhere with more than one bathroom. Because if there was anyone hanging out in the bathroom at my house for longer than half an hour, I’d go in there and help them get back into the world.

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