Writing a Book

by kalbzayn on August 6, 2008

So I decided to write a novel this month. With vacation and a big work project, it will be a very busy month but whatever.

Right now I am somewhere just over 6000 words if I remember correctly (I don’t have my text handy at the moment). I think I’m about 5000 words behind pace which isn’t surprising considering the vacation. What is surprising is that I actually did some writing while away and started back up with some writing when I got home. I figure if I can keep slightly ahead of pace for a few days and then have a couple really big days on the weekend I should be back in the ballgame. So, I’m slightly nervous but nowhere near panicking yet.

I also started the book with virtually no notes, outline, plot or even characters.

Since then, I have found an ending, discovered a couple new characters (in addition to the 4 characters that I sent into this mess), not wanted to kill any of the main characters yet, and have several different people/groups with an interest in getting to the final scene alive and on top.

The biggest problems are that I have not really found a style (some scenes are extremely short while others are much longer), most of the characters change the way they talk virtually every time they open their mouth, I bounce from pages of dialogue followed by pages of no dialogue (when I actually take the time to make people do something instead of just sitting around yapping), and overall I’m doing a fairly horrible job of describing where this is all taking place.

But all of that can get sorted out on the second draft. I’m still having fun and still looking forward to writing the ending. Now I just need to start figuring out how to get all the people where they need to be for that ending. I also need to jot down some quick outline notes so I can keep track of who has been doing what so far, what I named them, and some ideas on what needs to happen to them over the next 10K words which should get me about a third of the way through the book.

I’ll let you know how it is going as it happens.

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