NaNoWriMo Update – Playing Catch Up

by kalbzayn on August 8, 2008

So, of course I’m still behind pace on my personal NaNoWriMo story. But, last night I wrote around 1900 words which puts me at 8935 words so far. I’m hoping to make a strong push over the weekend by writing at least 2000 words a day and hopefully a little more. If I am going to catch up to my target pace by Sunday, I need to finish Sunday at 20,000 words. I would like to be between 16,000 and 20,000 depending on how much time/energy I have.

As I approach 10,000 words, I’m noticing a couple of the plot lines really starting to get ready to go haywire. The bad guys are definitely going to make their presence felt in the next couple thousand words and change everybody’s course of action. They are currently literally looming on the horizon. I need to work on some smaller problems for each of the characters, too. Only one of them at this point actually has something problematic outside of what will be the main problem.

I need to do a little work over the next 5-10 thousand words of getting the people who actually reside where the story takes place more involved in the plot. The current stars of the book are all from a different place. I do have a couple local characters who have joined those teams but I want to work on some other locals doing their own independent local thing and getting mixed into the plots as their own standalone threads.

Also, I’m pretty confidant I know how the last 10K words or so are going to go for most of the major plot lines.

Which just leaves me with needing to develop about 30K of the middle of the story. Consider this my mental note to not rush the resolution of the problem. I need to give the bad guys plenty of room to cause their trouble and the good guys plenty of opportunities to try and fail (or at least just win the little battles) before we get to the end.

Finally, I finished reading the No Plot? No Problem! semi-official guide to surviving NaNoWriMo book. It seems to do a good job of describing the pressures that will hit at various stages of NaNoWriMo and offers tips and encouragement for surviving them. The book might not make anybody a better writer, but it could help many people actually finish their rough drafts which in and of itself will probably help people become better writers, I guess.

Oh yeah, one more writing type of thing. I had been using JDarkRoom up until yesterday. I really enjoyed using it and will continue to use it for projects in the future. But yesterday, I switched the story to OpenOffice which I have been using for years. No real reason for the switch but now that I’ve made it, I’m planning on sticking with it for the rest of the story.

I also have proof that I have officially turned off my Inner Editor. When converting from the JDarkRoom file to the OpenOffice one, I played around with some things of the nerdy variety that had nothing to do with actually converting the file. I realized that I somehow managed to clobber a whole bunch of paragraph breaks giving me crazy run on paragraphs and even chapter/section breaks that are just not there anymore. And I’m just leaving them for now. And stay locked up in that closet, Inner Editor.

I’m also accepting names for characters. About once every couple days I make my wife think up a name to use for some new character. Almost all of the characters have a certain amount of bad streak in them. And I still am just using placeholder names for the 16-18 year old brother and sister main characters. I could really use some names that would be good for pirates if they used non-piratey kind of names, if that makes any sense.

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