NaNoWriMo Gaining Steam By Avoiding Main Characters

by kalbzayn on August 11, 2008

What an interesting weekend. I forgot how much of a time sink watching the Olympics are but fortunately most of my writing happened between 10pm and midnight when I could safely switch to the music channels on the TV and not have to worry about missing amazing races like the mens 4 X 100 Freestyle Relay where the Americans came back from a rough deficit after the third leg and managed to hunt down and beat the French team that was strongly favored to win the event. That was just an amazing swim by the anchor.

Anyway, my word count for my NaNoWriMo book sits at 14,599 as of last night. Friday I wrote 1554, Saturday 2032 and Sunday 2078. I had hoped to get a few more words written but I also expected to sneak in a few hours of writing in small blocks during the days which didn’t happen. All of that writing occurred between 9pm and midnight on those three days. I was literally so tired by the end of each night that my eyes would close while I was typing, I would open my eyes and have to reread the sentence to remember what I was talking about, and sometimes had to edit out some stream of consciousness/dreaming sentences. Cool stuff.

Before the weekend started, I realized that my current characters and plot were not going to fill 50,000 words. I had one main story arch and the main characters only had side plots based strongly off of the main plot. So this weekend I wrote zero of my 5500+ words about the main characters. I took one very minor character (a bad guy) and wrote a couple scenes with him. While writing those scenes, he had to interact with another set of characters who now have a brand new subplot that is going to mix in very nicely with the main characters and cause them lots of problems. I also added a plot line that had absolutely nothing to do with the main plot or characters at all and wrote a couple thousand words on them. The two characters in that one really need to get away from their little problem and it will throw them into the path of the others but I’m not sure if they will help or hurt or even which characters they will be interacting. But they are kind of fun so they can hang out for a while.

All in all the opening third is much fuller now with some definite reasons for everybody to be in the book and some definite explanations about why they will all be interacting against each other. There are 5 different groups all moving around on the stage and none of them like each other at all.

Now that I’m nearly a third of the way through the book, I think I’m ready to get everybody to really start interacting and letting the problems grow for both the good and the bad guys and hopefully get them all moving to where I want them before I start writing the last third.

I’ve kind of hit a happy rhythm with the 2000 words a night. I seem to be writing either 500 word or 1000 word scenes and seem to be able to get all of that written between 9pm and midnight which is a window of time that I have fairly safely carved out for myself. If I can keep on that pace, I will make the 50,000 NaNoWriMo goal by the end of the month without needing to do a massive catchup day anywhere along the way.

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