NaNoWriMo Closing Up The First Third

by kalbzayn on August 12, 2008

I’m kind of writing this NaNoWriMo book in thirds. I know a fair amount of things that are going to happen in the last third, I managed to find enough things to talk about to get through the first third without rushing through too much of the plot by adding a few characters. Last night I wrote another 2000 and some odd words to get myself to 16,622 words so far. If I would have thought about it, I would have written 45 more just to get officially through the first third of the book.

16,667 is the barrier that I will cross tonight. Since I’m conceptually dividing the plot into thirds this means that starting tonight, I need to start working on the middle portion of the plot. And that is not something that I am very good at. I always no how to start a story and can normally finish it but have a hell of a time dancing around in the middle.

Fortunately, the two scenes that I wrote last night are going to be a big help…and completely accidentally. The one gave a person on one side a definite hint of a backstory with one of the main characters. It happened completely accidentally, too. The main character needed a weapon and this new character was her source. While writing it, I was giving vague descriptions about the new guy and using a fluff name that I can change later. During one of the paragraphs, I was talking about this new character and realized he sounded an awful lot like another vague character that I had introduced earlier. Then I realized that it was because they were the same character. Then I started thinking about it and said, “Wow. That means that one of my main characters has a friendly backstory with one of the bad guys and they are now going to have to decide whether their past is stronger than their present goals.” I couldn’t believe it. It is like a conflict or something. Anyway, now I’m pretty excited about where that is going to head. For the record, none of that would have happened without my weekend away from the main characters.

Then, I was writing another scene with a couple characters that I added over the weekend just for fun and half with the expectation of them going nowhere and eventually getting killed or deleted. They still might get killed but they definitely won’t be deleted. During their normal course of work, pirating of course, they found something interesting. Something that I really needed somebody to spot. They are going to need to steal another ship to investigate but that other ship has already been stolen by the good guys. I really need that ship to have a reason to get to a very specific spot during the climax and I have a feeling these guys might just end up having a lot to do with that….unless I kill them first of course. But either way, now I know how I am going to get a handful of the characters exactly where they need to be when the most main of the main characters does her big action sequence during the climax. All of which is really going to help the last third of the book sound like something more than, “and then the girl did her heroic action fixing all the problems.”

On another note, that makes the third night in a row over 2000 words and the night prior to that I was over 1500. For me, that is really pounding the typewriter. My deficit on my initial pace (caused by the vacation) has decreased from around 7200 words to under 5000 words if I’m reading my spreadsheet correctly. If I can keep getting a couple thousand a night, I really will have a chance of catching up on a big day or two during some weekend. Hmm.

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