NaNoWriMo Another Day Another 2000

by kalbzayn on August 13, 2008

Last night while watching Phelps win a couple more golds and set a couple more world records and then listening to music on the TV, I wrote another 2041 words. It takes time to do it (especially while distracted by the short attention span events of the Olympics) but it is getting pretty easy to write 2000 words a night.

Last night brings my grand total up to 18,663. My wife noticed last night that I’ve started calling it my book instead of my story which must be telling of something.

Barring any overseen reasons that cause me to miss a couple days of writing, I should be fine to get my 50,000 words in by the end of the month. My work project deadline is looming heavy though. Especially since I’m probably going to spend most of my “free time” during the last weekend working on the work project which is really going to motivate me to cross 50K before that weekend starts.

I’m pretty happy with my plot right now. I really need to start focusing on introducing the big, big problems and getting the bad guys to really start taking control for a while. I’m still struggling a little bit with whether I’m going to make the good guys have to dodge the bad guys for most of the book or just get captured and have to escape. They both have their strengths and weaknesses within the plot. Since I have several groups of bad guys, I’m leaning towards getting the good guys captured and then have the other bad guys have to work to free the good guys so they can capture them all while the good guys have to try to break free from all of them. We’ll see. I’m sure it will turn into a nice mess either way.

My biggest realization from last night is just how much dialogue I’m really using. That doesn’t really bother me, though, because I don’t spend much time letting the narrator say things like, “Tom wondered if Sally liked his sandwich.” I’m more likely just to have Tom ask about it.

Outside of the dialogue, there are tons of descriptions of movements of the characters. I’m still doing a horrible job of describing the sights, sounds, smells, etc. I can already tell that the story would get a massive improvement if I spent a day or two adding one or two sentences of these type of details to each paragraph which might be a fun way to take a break from the plot and still get a lot written some day. It will also be at the top of my priority list if I ever decide to edit this into a polished version after the rough draft is done.

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Chris August 14, 2008 at 11:57 am

Hey, thanks for the comment! It’s always nice to know someone else is going through the same thing. Although . . . you seem to be doing much better than me. Stick with it and I’m sure you’ll be fine when the time comes for that work project.

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