NaNoWriMo – After A Few Days Off

by kalbzayn on August 25, 2008

My target of 50,000 words by the end of the month has completely fallen apart. Extra hours for a work project and a couple freelance WP consulting projects took priority over the last week or so. I’ve decided to start a little business do WordPress theme modifications, plugin configurations, installations, upgrades, etc. So when a couple projects fell into my lap, I had to spend time with them.

Anyway, where does that leave my book.

As of last night, I’m around 21,600 words with a week to go. I spent some time yesterday writing one sentence descriptions of each scene that NEEDS to be in the book to get from where I am to writing “THE END.” Then I wrote a couple of those scenes.

I have about 12 more of those to go. Each will be between 250-1000 words. By Sunday night, I will write “THE END” but the ending will be quite a bit rushed. I should be between 30,000 and 35,000 words which is short but not too shabby.

In the end, I’ll be left with something that I could reasonably edit into a decent novella or spend some time doing some real rewriting and adding to convert into a novel. I’ll let it sit for a couple months before I decide whether to try to clean it up or just leave it as a finished first draft.

Once thing I am learning is that I can reasonably write a rough draft of a novel in a month or two which is just amazing to me. When I done with the project on Sunday, I write a post with all the things that I’ve learned about my ability to write a story and a novel.

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Bonnie Staring August 28, 2008 at 11:08 pm

Go Mike go! Wow, even with all the obstacles thrown in your way you’ve still gotten a pretty darn hefty word count. Hooray! So what’s on for next month?

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