The 4-Hour Work Week Review

by kalbzayn on April 28, 2009

I read The 4-Hour Work Week recently. It’s a pretty light and kind of strange read.


  • Light read. Fast and relatively short.
  • Inspiring. It really does make you want to start your own business and live the new rich lifestyle he preaches in the book.
  • Great personal touches. The book lives within Timothy Ferriss’s world. He gives very real examples of his very real life. I have no idea how real any of that is but it definitely comes across as authentic and personal.
  • Tons of resources listed with websites, phone numbers, emails. If you decide to follow his pattern, you definitely will not be lacking for people to call to get started.


  • Very targeted business model. Ferriss made his money selling things online running a drop-shipping type of business. It seems a stretch to extrapolate a lot of the information outside of that model.
  • First phase is getting your job to let you work away from the office which is not realistic for very many people…unfortunately.
  • Just seems too easy. This isn’t really a knock for the book but it makes it hard to take seriously. He almost comes across as too confident that it will work for anybody.

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