A good writing critic is awesome

by kalbzayn on October 30, 2009


I pounded out a quick short story the other day and sent it around to a few friends for suggestions and critiques. That’s pretty big for two reasons. One, I rarely finish writing and editing a story. Two, I rarely get feedback before killing the story or dropping it somewhere on the Internet.

A few of the people wrote back some nice words and a few light suggestions that were genuinely helpful in polishing the story that was in front of them.

One person, however, really kicked the story around. She asked questions that forced me to confront the motivations of the characters and the theme of the story which were things that I didn’t really consider when writing the story.

She also had ideas about where I could provide more concrete descriptive details and how I could work with those details. She also made me realize that there were details that I added to the story that weren’t achieving the effect that I was intending.

She will be getting bugged by me to look at the stories I write in the future.

I’m going to sit on these ideas for a little while before writing my next draft but I am completely excited about finishing this story for real and doing a nice, full rewrite.

In the meantime, I have a bunch of short stories that I have a few notes for here and there. It’s time to start doing some brainstorming and write my next story.

photo credit: kevingessner

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