Writing Prompts and a Valentine's Day short story

by kalbzayn on December 27, 2006

I love writing prompts. There are great for just sparking an idea that you can play with for a few minutes and either throw away or turn into something bigger. I found a site with a bunch of creative writing prompts. I hate the layout of the site. I would rather have a list or at least be able to click on the number to take me to a page with the prompt. But, there are some decent prompts in there if you hunt around.

I jotted down a few that sounded interesting that I might have to play with someday.

In addition to telling you about the site, I’m also going to treat you with a little short story that #200 prompted. It took about 15 minutes to write. Enjoy.

The Valentine’s Date

The date was spectacular. Imagine that. We constantly fight and then we send the kids to their Grandparents’ for a couple nights and everything falls back into place. I wonder if they would mind keeping them for good.

“God, you are fun when you’re not being an ass,” she said while tossing the little, red dress into the corner.

I closed my mouth. No way was I arguing tonight. She was a little drunk and surely feeling frisky if the swaying hips as she fumbled with her bra strap was any indication. I was not going to blow the chance to end our three month no sex streak just because she still had issues to vent.

Maybe afterward.

“Hon, I’m going to pee. Meet you in bed in two minutes?”

“Mmm. Sounds good.”

I turned the handle and opened the bathroom door. What was that smell? My foot squished in…something…what was that? Turning the light on revealed the mess. The dog slept curled in the bath tub. Apparently, that was his bed and the floor was his toilet for the last eighteen hours. From the mess, he must have managed to eat a burrito before getting locked in the bathroom on Valentine’s Day.

I pondered my two choices. One was to tell Linda and start cleaning this mess up. The other…

“There you are, stud. Come show me what you got?”

…was to let her find out in the morning.


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Nienke February 16, 2007 at 1:47 pm

Nasty ending. But I love the story!

The Wandering Author February 17, 2007 at 10:25 am

Great story. LOL! And you did it in 15 minutes… Incredible!

Susan Helene Gottfried February 17, 2007 at 2:51 pm

Congrats on the win! I went for sappy instead…

kalbzayn February 17, 2007 at 11:39 pm

Thanks everyone. It’s funny that something that I just pounded out and sent somewhere won something. Maybe I should use it as an excuse to actually finish some of the things I have started.

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