The Mayan Ruins

by kalbzayn on January 23, 2007

During vacation, we walked around some Mayan ruins in Belize.  It was a pretty nice sized temple type ruins nestled into a hill in the middle of a not quite rain forest.  It had been pretty much entirely covered by grass, trees and dirt.  So, we’re wandering around with an excellent guide who was able to not just spew the facts but also tell the facts in ways that really made it easy to picture what the Mayans would actually be doing in various courtyards and rooms.

At one point there was a spot where there were three rooms overlooking a little courtyard.  The guide told us that the middle room originally had a roof that extended across the walkway and ended on a wall that nearly entirely blocked off any visibility of the rooms from the courtyard.  The “judge” would sit in that room and hear trials and then issue his decree from that room.  Because of the way the walls were set up, the sound would echo around and then boom out onto the courtyard seemingly from everywhere and nowhere.  Very cool.

The roof and that wall did not exist anymore because of an incident many years earlier during the recovery project.  The three room had been entirely walled off.  They dug out the first room, and then the second room.  They found a really nice set of bones in that second, middle room.  A storm hit right afterward and a bolt of lightning struck the tree above the room.  The tree fell and ripping the roots from the roof tearing the roof away with it.  The tree then fell into the courtyard taking the wall with it.  The workers believe that the site is cursed/haunted and have refused to dig out the third room.

Two very cool stories that would make very awesome scenes in a story.  There were a few other neat side stories, although those were the best two, but I don’t want to give away all of my secrets.

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Rashenbo January 28, 2007 at 6:00 pm

Seeing the Mayan ruins would be awesome. Thank you for sharing.

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