Writing Sample – 2/10/07

by kalbzayn on February 10, 2007

What a week.  And a couple more similar ones are in the queue.  Lots of big changes and projects and stuff.  I didn’t get very much non-blog writing writing done this week.  In fact, I almost got none done.

I decided that I am going to focus most of my writing free time on a couple blogs for a little while.

Here is one post from each of the two blogs that I spent most of my time with.

I run a parenting blog called Be A Good Dad.  One of my posts there was called Why Search Engines Are Empowering.  It is about a strange question somebody used in google to find my site.

I also have set up a place to talk about the Iowa Hawkeyes so that I don’t bore people with it anywhere else.  I wrote a post about the recent scandal of some coaches questioning the Illinois coach’s recruiting integrity.  There’s something about talking trash about sports programs that is incredibly entertaining.

So, like I said, I did do a lot of writing.  I should get a word count from all the posts I wrote this week but that seems like a whole bunch of work.

On Friday after work, I was driving to BeAGoodMom’s (my wife) office to pick up a laptop because she is going to start working from home.  (Just one of the many crazy things that have been going on in the last few weeks.  For the record, the company is the nice guy in this.  They are allowing…not forcing.

While driving, I realized that I hadn’t posted a writing sample and I didn’t have anything to post anyway.  I was listening to some really great rap mixes on one of the Sirius rap channels and an idea came to me.  It isn’t rappish or urban and their probably will not be any Crystal or blunts.  The rap didn’t inspire an idea.  It inspired a mood.

I’ve been planning of writing a book of short stories someday.  All the short stories are going to be entangled together to develop a plot larger than any of the individual stories but in each story the characters, places, and even genre will change.

While driving down the highway, I wrote some notes on some index cards I had handy.  And, that is going to be my writing sample this week since it is all that I wrote anyway.


“Of course I know how this all turns out.  Never forget that the swords, the spells, the money all mean nothing.  It always comes down to the heroes doing heroic things and the unexpected people doing unexpected things.”

“Are you a hero?”

“Heroing is a young man’s work.  I’m a legend, a has been.”

He tried to raise his glass to his lips but his head hit the bar first.  The arrow protruding from his back twitched in silence.

Nobody dared to move while the elf strode over to the body.  One sickening tug freed the arrow from the back.  Another swift tug freed the pouch from the belt buckle.  Steady hands loosened the drawstring.  He smiled at the ring inside.


The elf disappeared in the night long before the noise returned to the bar.


So, that’s all I wrote this week.  While driving on the highway.

It needs a lot of expanding and feels a lot like a prologue which is funny since I’m getting famous for hating stuff like that.  But, I like the mood of it and the stories that I plan on writing to follow it.

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Bonnie February 11, 2007 at 2:50 pm

I hear you on the “add up all the words and I’d have a book already” front. Yesterday was the first day I actually gave myself four hours to dedicate to my WIP and my characters had a LOT to say about being left alone to their own devices. At least they didn’t kill each other, it’s supposed to be a romantic comedy. :)

Love your idea Mike, have fun with it!

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