The big setup

by kalbzayn on November 9, 2006

I have a dirty little secret. I am a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, My Name Is Earl, and The Office. They are the four shows that I watch every week. Desperate Housewives is less interesting than last year, but still entertaining to watch and the other three are just outstanding.

After watching a fair amount of Grey’s Anatomy, I just tonight figured out why I like them so much. For the first 50 minutes or so they raise tension, intrigue, and emotions to a boiling point. I love watching as they pile on to the chaos. You could learn a lot about plotting from watching that show.

Unless the shows are cliffhangers, that means they get about 10 minutes to wrap up loose ends and send us on our way. This is where they seem to have trouble. I cannot remember the last time that one of the shows ended, non-cliffhanger, where I was still excited when the credits rolled and before they showed me the preview of the next episode.

I am sure there is a lesson in that, too, and I’m guessing that it doesn’t involve ending all of our stories with previews of what we are going to be writing next.

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