80 word flash fiction contest for a free book

by kalbzayn on February 17, 2007

And, not just any free book. An advanced reading copy. So, the winner will be reading a book before it hits the stores and totally blows up on Amazon.

Kelly Parra is running a flash fiction contest. All the rules are over on her Fictional Musings site where she regularly posts short stories that those of us in the peanut gallery write. The basics of the contest are 80 words or less and must involve graffiti. Her book which will be coming out soon involves graffiti. In fact, there is so much graffiti it is called Graffiti Girl.  Go get the details of the contest over at Fictional Musings.
Here’s the bad news. I forgot to mention this earlier. The deadline is midnight, February 18th. By the time you read this, you will probably have less than 24 hours. But seriously. If you can’t write 80 words in 20 hours or so….

I entered my story tonight. And, while it is true that I am an award winning fiction writer, you should still enter. The thought of reading a copy of a book that only a few people will ever see is very cool.  You can be pretty confidant that nobody snuck the book into the bookstore bathroom before you managed to get your hands on it.  Also, if I’m not mistaken, they normally make a few changes between the ARC and the finally version that the peons that don’t win writing contests buy. I gotta get my hands on one of those someday.

By the way, if you are not currently reading it, you should subscribe to Kelly Parra’s blog. If you are ever feeling lonely and unloved, leave a comment over there. I swear that she responds to every single comment and is actually nice to the people that talk to her. Amazing.

Let me know if you enter a story.  I will link to it and your site and then maybe make fun of both of them.


Kelly Parra February 17, 2007 at 11:12 pm

Mike, wow, congrats on the award on the Valentine story!! That is sooo cool!! And I have been wanting to read that Stephen King book too. =D Wow, celebrate, okay?? It’s a great feeling to win a writing contest!!

And thanks so much for passing along the info on the contest. I’m very happy with the flash so far! Thanks for entering, Mr. award-winning writer!! =D

kalbzayn February 19, 2007 at 9:50 am

Maybe I’ll have to have a contest when I finish reading it and pass it along as the prize. And, then only tell you about the contest, of course. Maybe something along the lines of a 1 word flash fiction contest with a theme of the Origin of the Platypus.

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