A place to call my own

by kalbzayn on February 26, 2007

We sold our treadmill this weekend. We hadn’t used it since we started going to the gym and it was taking up this little unfinished section of our otherwise finished basement. The section is about 7 X 9…maybe.

And it is going to be mine. All mine. But not for a little while. I have to finish a few more important house projects yet which should take a couple months or so.

I’m going to try and finish this little room myself. I help my dad with this kind of stuff all the time but this little cubby of a room is going to be all mine. I’ll probably ask for tips, but all the work will be done by me.

A sweet little hole in the wall nook that will hold a computer with Linux installed on it, an XBOX, a DVD player, and a flat screen TV (if I save enough money. And maybe a fish tank. And a poster or two.

Can you tell I’m excited?

The computer room was going to be my room, but the kids started enjoying playing games once in a while on their little computer and now my wife is working all of her hours at home…in the computer room. So, we are going to decorate it more to her style. She deserves it.

When we saw how much room was left after the treadmill was taken away, I claimed it immediately. Lots of good, fast, ugly fiction is going to happen in that room someday.
I’m already starting to get inspired. I wrote a good, fast, ugly poem earlier today. Heavy on the fast and ugly. Light on the good. But, it entertains me.

My daughter is learning that some words rhyme. We were in the car today and she was practicing. I asked her what rhymes with orange. She was stumped of course. I explained that as far as we know, there is no word that rhymes with orange.

Which inspired a poem. I’ll post it in a little bit when I get a chance to reread it. I typed into into a post late last night and want to make sure that it is actually in English before sharing it with the world.

Update: The poem is posted. See me abuse the English language and poetry in one fell swoop.

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Paul February 27, 2007 at 6:35 am

That is nice to have a space of your own. I would love to someday have a finished basement for a gameroom. Probably not in my current house, though, as our ceilings are only about 6′ high.

Sounds like a sweet setup.

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