by kalbzayn on February 26, 2007

I was sitting around pondering life’s greatest difficulties
There are so many words that are so hard to rhyme
I figured it was time to match up the words
So we don’t have to leave them out of poems all of the time

But the great wordsmiths of the American language
Prefer to have a name for the technique and style
They’ll have a great story unfold in their mind in great glory
But they plot and configure before opening the word processing file

Better not second but should I use first person or third
Should the main symbol be the scarf, the tire or the bird?
So out of the void I created the word to unite all the writers
The new word is rhorange* so get ready to hold up your lighters

My announcement will arrive in an epic verse I am right now creating
But first I have to find a word that rhymes with rhorange.


*Rhorange: (verb) To make up words that rhyme with words that are hard to rhyme. Ex. I rhoranged a word that rhymes with silver.

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bonnie February 26, 2007 at 11:01 pm

Too much fun! Now I feel like an apple…

Hey, where’d the pirates go?

kalbzayn February 26, 2007 at 11:08 pm

Good question. Let me know if they show up at your place.

Seriously though. Some things came up that were more important than the story and by the time they freed themselves from my mind, it was too late to put anything decent together.

Don’t fear though, I have about 1/4 of a short story that I started yesterday and then two short story starts that I wrote today. All of them should be quick, dirty, and probably perfectly horrible. Which means I should have them done and posted in no time.

I’ll talk about the other stuff some other day. Maybe in a couple weeks. Nothing as exciting as getting held up at potentially fake gun point though.

Bonnie February 27, 2007 at 10:56 pm

That kind of excitement I’d rather live without.

Seriously though, I totally understand how stuff can get in the way. My WIP (RIP) is quietly sobbing in the corner, about to die of loneliness like the sole surviving hanster or goldfish. Whenever I promise myself a stretch of time, be it an hour or a hunk of weekend, all those other things like sleep, laundry and coupon redeeming take center stage, sometimes all at once. LOL

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