One man's hard drive crash is your fresh opportunity

by kalbzayn on March 20, 2007

Red Fez Publications had a hard drive crash causing a total loss of the submissions between February 20th and March 20th.  They are asking for anybody who submitted during that time period to resubmit.  They lost all of the stories and, here’s the big one, all of the emails.

The way I see it, a nicely crafted email saying, “Sorry about your hard drive crash.  Here is the story you accepted for publication a couple weeks ago” could be your opportunity to see your story published online along with several other fine writers.

Some might call this Black Hat Writing but from what I hear this writing biz is pretty tough to get into.  You have to take any opportunity you can get.

Red Fez accepts poetry and short stories and even graphic fiction but let’s face it.  Poetry is for people that can’t get a date.  All that longing and introspection isn’t healthy.  Graphic fiction involves being able to draw which makes writing look like a piece of cake.  Go send your short stories.  If you can slip the story by the editors while they are confused, you can not only get published but also have the chance of getting your own groupie.  You won’t ever get a groupie with poetry.  Even Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan had to switch to rock and roll before the babes took them seriously.

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