Graphic Novel Review – A History of Violence

by kalbzayn on April 29, 2007

I just finished the graphic novel, A History of Violence. I’m really getting into graphic novels and comics and such and have learned that our library has quite a few of them.

The story is just great. It starts in the main characters present but when bad things start happening, the flashbacks begin to help explain why everybody seems to be out for him. The rest of the story switches back and forth.

It all works very well. The art work is very cool. Black and white with enough detail to keep track of everything but with enough lack of detail to keep your own imagination working with the story.

It is a New York Mafia movie and as such very violent. The story moves along really quickly. I read it in three sittings but probably could have read it in one big one if I didn’t have kids to interrupt me.

I haven’t seen the movie, but I read the description from that Wikipedia link above and am pretty surprised with some of the really basic things they changed like character names and locations. Seems like silly stuff to change. I’ll probably still pick it up someday to see how well it works. Based on the length and the realism of the graphic novel, I think it could probably convert well to a movie unlike most novels.

Maybe I’ll have to check out V for Vendetta sometime soon. I didn’t really love the movie. There seemed to be too much talking just to explain the plot. That doesn’t work for me in movies or novels, but in graphic novels it would probably fit better.

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Bonnie May 1, 2007 at 8:45 am

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed that film. A girlfriend (a total Viggo fan) dragged me out to see it in the theater. While it was little too violent for my taste, the film had me all caught up in the tangle of conflicts. A great ride.

Okay, now back to completing the novel…

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