Mastering my own productivity

by kalbzayn on May 18, 2007

Productivity and creativity are elusive little beasts. Burn out can completely destroy both and it doesn’t seem to take much to burn me out these days.

My productivity/creativity levels have been low most of the year. One of the problems is that I needed to get my glasses replaced to help get rid of the eye fatigue and eye strain. I took care of that and things started looking up.

Yesterday, I finally took the time to recharge and reload my iPod Shuffle that I haven’t used for about a year and a half. Holy cow. The day flew by and I got a ton more done then I normally do. I was much less distracted by every movement and sound around me. My focus was really sharp.

I’ve always known that I have attention problems. I have trouble filtering out external stimuli. When I’m at a restaurant/bar/party it is often hard for me to have a conversation because all of the other conversations in the room rattle around in my head and make it hard to focus on the conversation I am trying to have.

So, if anybody ever hears me whining about problems I am having with productivity or creativity, please feel free to send me an email or comment saying, “Hey, go find your iPod.” I’d appreciate it.

My wife and I are both working from our house these days and we end up sharing the computer room. It is interesting because she apparently cannot work with background distractions and I apparently cannot work without background distractions. Thank God somebody figured out the whole headphone thing.

Do you have any tricks that you do to make sure you can get any work done?


Paul May 18, 2007 at 8:26 am

Productivity Tricks – I guess self-loathing is mine. I guilt myself into working. I guess another trick of mine is to be in a room without external stimuli. I guess I’m more like your wife in that way.

bonnie May 22, 2007 at 6:46 pm

I try to limit my time online between 9 and 5. It was brutal at first but now I kind of take an “online break” 3-4 times a day. Evenings and weekends are a different story. ;)

It makes the waiting for feedback on article queries and submissions a lot easier to deal with, as I’m not constantly clicking on my inbox every five seconds. Okay, maybe ten seconds. Oh, I better go check now just in case…

MerylF May 23, 2007 at 3:59 am

I find the most productive thing I can do it NOT open Firefox. With so much on the web to distract me (including blogs!) if I turn it on, I’m done for.

kalbzayn May 23, 2007 at 7:07 am

I would love to stay away from my browser during the day but I actually have to use it to be able to do my real job. What I really should do is disable all of the Firefox plugins. They’re what get me in trouble most of the time. They really need to add a disable all feature for them.

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