A Few Recent Sources Of Creative Inspiration

by kalbzayn on June 1, 2007

Source: We found out we are going to be having a girl (due date October 19th). During the ultrasound they said that with a girl they cannot say 100%, so they are only 90% certain that she will be a girl.

Idea: A story about a family that wholeheartedly buys into having the girl (or boy) that the ultrasound indicates but then they find out during deliver that the kid is the opposite. Depending on the parents that could really screw up their perception of the kid and their relationship with the kid as they get older. Or maybe it would screw up one parent but the other parent would be extremely happy since they didn’t want the original gender anyway. Conflicts would ensue.

Source: An old squidoo lens that I set up back when I was playing with my Curse of the Five Pennies story. I had forgotten about the lens until just the other day. I really love the main character and the potential secondary character but really need a reason for them to be moving around.

Idea: Find a way to get them moving around. They are cool, cool characters. Supernatural monsters unlike anything I have ever heard of. They really need to wake up and get into some sort of trouble so I can write about them. Please go kick them, taunt them, and get them all riled up. I desperately need a plot.

Source: In the evening, our kitchen temp rises to about 1000 degrees with the evening sun pounding through the window. Today, I put up this clear’ish film that reflects back like 70% of the rays. Very cool. Literally about 10 degrees cooler.

Idea: At night, though, the lights from the kitchen reflect off of it turning the window into a mirror. In a thriller/horror type of story, that reflection could come at a very revealing moment where the main character sees the bad person standing behind them but have trouble processing the information because they think the person is really outside…until of course they realize and panic.

Source: Telecommuting. I’ve been working from home for quite a while with no end in sight. Hurray!

Idea: What happens as more and more people work at home and more and more aspects of our life start to become more telecommute based (like watching movies, shopping, going to school). I can’t remember which book it is, but one of Asimov’s Foundation books takes place on a planet pretty similar to that. It would be fun to write a story in the near future where it becomes more common. Maybe I’ll have to go to a coffee shop to write that instead of using the computer room in the basement.

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